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  • With today’s advancement in technology and computers, proposing, submitting data and sharing information has become simple with the diversity of software programs that are available to us that simplify the process of completing and supplying forms to expand your business. Even though transferring data is an inconvenience for most, it but has become a frequent requirement in organizations. Servers go out-of-date, suppliers become inconsistent, and diskettes run out of space. What additional features this add-on provides This is where MySQL action add-on is needed. One of the greatest user-friendly plug-ins that you can apply to formidable is MySQL action. The MySQL action is an add-on that you can plug into formidable to add more features that allow you to distribute data

  • In this age of computers and the internet, submitting and sharing information has become very easy. You have various kinds of software programs that enable you to fill up forms and improve your business. Circumstances may require sharing of forms or sending information from one form to another for updating entries. One of the best plugins available in the online Formidable market is Copy Entries and it works as a new action of Formidable Pro. Let us see the benefits of the GFireM program below. Copy entries: You might receive the information in a particular format whereas you might have to forward the same in a different one. The requisite data might be the same but the form could be different.

  • What is Formidable and how to use it? How can  you  create a form with this tool? In short, it is a form generator, is it familiar to you? Watch it on our  official website there you will be able to find many resources and guides. It maybe has  perhaps happened to you  that you need to implement any business logic and you need it fast; and that´s where form  generators like Formidable comes in action. It is a freemium plugins that gives  us in its free way the basic functionalities to leave us with the desire to go further to  the premium part, however pretty good things may be accomplished, it has a Form Editor where we may drag components. Please click here in order to see

  • This is an example of the Introduction to Formidable, to create an entry in the list of courses.