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Version 2.0.4 ​Released 03/22/2016 Last Update 08/13/2017

​Add a Formidable action that allows you to send entries to another form. This action will be able to pass data between Forms when you create or update entries.

You will get 30% of discount on years renewals. Our Refund Policy is Money Back Guarantee for the period of 14 days.

List of features.

  • Copy entries between forms
  • Validation before process
  • Update an existing entry
  • Push the each item inside a repeatable section to another form
  • Trigger on import, create, update and delete
  • Integrated with Formidable
  • Updates & Support
  • Localization ready

Your imagination is the limit!

Watch how it works!

Note: The next image are not up to date, i will change shortly. 

Insert the Action

Select the Form destination and fill in the target fields.

You can also select when to trigger the action and set a logical condition

By general rule this Addons had the same requirement of Formidable plus it need it to work.

​​Formidable Pro 2.0+
​​PHP min. 5.3
​​​WP min 4.6.2
​​Support Multi-site

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