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This Add-on add new function to improve your Formidable Views, you can set the union of the filters, order (ASC/DESC) by url parameter, or scroll to the results.  Check the next examples.

Is easy to use. You need to create the View if you need help with that you can follow the next link. HELP!

After you save the view and then enable the option in the new metabox you can select the combination of each field.

This Free/Pro​ Add-on improve your complex filter in your Formidable Views,
In the FREE version ​you can use to combine the filtered fields with OR or AND.​ 

With the PRO version is possible to set when to scroll the view to a selector, the scroll can be conditional if some parameters in the url exist.  In the case you need to create a list of entries with order you can set the order from the url to, then you can order your entire list as you want, ​

​This combinations of function can be used to improve your search tools.

If you want to upgrade, contact, report an issue, even change your Billing info you can go to the menu option in the left menu. Check the next image. 

​If you need help, please contact me or rate my effort!

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