Import Entries from the FrontEnd, easy as it sound

Jun 25, 2018

I create a plugin and i like to share with you. Is a plugin nice to have if you need to import entries into your forms and not want to give admin permission to your users for that or access to the backend. With this plugin you can resolve that. The plugin is free.

You can download from the repository where i store the code.

The plugin add a new short-code to use inside a page and is it. This is all you need to use, is easy.


I record a video of how to use this plugin. Take a look.

A Tip to create the csv easy

Normally i create a form and one entry as example, then i download the csv and use that csv as model to bring more entries to the form. For this you can use the option inside the entries list to export as csv. Take a look to the next image.

If you have any doubt or question, let me know to help you. I would happy if you send me your feedback with a comment on the site, or the FB page, Twitter, Skype … where you like most  😉

El Guille.

PD if you have any block in your project or there is something about what you would like me to write let me know it would be a pleasure to help you.

  1. hfword

    Hello, this seems to be really great. Thank you for this!!!

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