Key Generator

Version 1.1.0 ​Released 09/18/2016 Last Update 02/10/2017​

​Add new functionalities to Formidable. With it you can generate key, validate and get the status. With these fields you can solve problems such as: send an user mail with a generated key and then validate it in another form, or generate coupons. Also you can bulk generate key into a form with the key generator.

You will get 30% of discount on years renewals. Our Refund Policy is Money Back Guarantee for the period of 14 days.

List of features.

  • Integrated with Formidable (Filter, Views, etc.)
  • Generate random string
  • Bulk key generation
  • Validate if key exists or not, from multiples targets
  • Get status of the generated key
  • Updates
  • Localization ready

Watch how it looks!

These are the field to do the magic

This is the option for the field Generator, Length and Special Characters.


You can select multiples Form to validate.

This field only show the status of the key like the next image,

This is with the default behavior of the Status field inside a view.

This is a Form in action.

Also you can generate the keys in bulk.


By general rule this Addons had the same requirement of Formidable plus it need it to work.

​​Formidable Pro 2.0+
​​PHP min. 5.3
​​​WP min 4.7.2

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