MySQL Action

Version 1.2.1 ​Released 01/28/2017 Updated 04/12/2017​​

With this action you will be able to pass data from Forms to a single table into MySQL. The MySQL table is created in the same action into the form Settings. 

Important! To use this Add Ons you need to have a minimum knowledge of MySQL.​

You will get 30% of discount on years renewals. Our Refund Policy is Money Back Guarantee for the period of 14 days.

List of features.

  • Copy entries to MySQL table
  • External server connection
  • Validation
  • Integrated with Formidable
  • Updates
  • Localization ready
  • Multi Site ready
  • Support all MySQl types.
  • Custom column name, default value, length, precision and if is nullable or not.
  • Select only the field you want to create in the MySql table.
  • Overview of all create tables with his data.

Watch few images

Action preview

MySQL Types

Options to set the connection. 

Table overview.

By general rule this Addons had the same requirement of Formidable plus it need it to work.

​​Formidable Pro
​​PHP min. 5.3
​​​WP min 4.7.2​​
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