The Advantages of Copy Entries

Mar 22, 2017

In this age of computers and the internet, submitting and sharing information has become very easy. You have various kinds of software programs that enable you to fill up forms and improve your business. Circumstances may require sharing of forms or sending information from one form to another for updating entries. One of the best plugins available in the online Formidable market is Copy Entries and it works as a new action of Formidable Pro. Let us see the benefits of the GFireM program below.

  • Copy entries: You might receive the information in a particular format whereas you might have to forward the same in a different one. The requisite data might be the same but the form could be different. This addon helps you make the transition smoothly.
  • Validation: Whenever you submit any information, it would require validation. This system enables you to validate the entries before the process begins.
  • Update an entry: There may arise occasions when you might have to update certain entries after their submission. Using this, you can do so effortlessly.
  • Push data from a repeatable section: Sometimes, you have to extract the data from a repeatable section. You can use this addon to push to another form in the easy way.
  • Set a trigger action: The situation may demand the creation, updating, or deleting of certain data after submission. This program allows you to set up a trigger action automatically to carry out the requisite actions.
  • Integration with Formidable: The best part of this software is that you can integrate the same with Formidable thereby making your job that much easy.
  • Support and Updates available: There are improvements every day. Similarly, your plugins also requires regular updates to succeed in the market.
  • Easy to set: This program is easy to use. Hence, setting up like a normal plugins inside WordPress is very easy.

These are the advantages of the software GFireM. This is a user-friendly program all the way. Get it!

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