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Insert a Form using JQuery Ajax in few steps

Hello Howdy, if you are facing an issue to show a Formidable form using jQuery Ajax you are in the correct place. Let use our imagination to generate a use case for this. Imagin you need to show the form in a Page but it depends on a link chosen by the user. We can...

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Import Entries from the FrontEnd, easy as it sound

I create a plugin and i like to share with you. Is a plugin nice to have if you need to import entries into your forms and not want to give admin permission to your users for that or access to the backend. With this plugin you can resolve that. The plugin is free. You...

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Formidable and exporting data entries to MySQL

With today’s advancement in technology and computers, proposing, submitting data and sharing information has become simple with the diversity of software programs that are available to us that simplify the process of completing and supplying forms to expand your...

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The Advantages of Copy Entries

In this age of computers and the internet, submitting and sharing information has become very easy. You have various kinds of software programs that enable you to fill up forms and improve your business. Circumstances may require sharing of forms or sending...

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How to add dropdown with users to Formidable form

Hi, i will show you how to add a dropdown with users in a Formidable form. Let's start with a practical example. I build an internal message system. Objectives. Send a message to specific user. Show the messages in a dynamic view. Filter the list view. Bonus! Setting...

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Introduction to Formidable

What is Formidable and how to use it? How can  you  create a form with this tool? In short, it is a form generator, is it familiar to you? Watch it on our  official website there you will be able to find many resources and guides. It maybe has...

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Create class

This is an example of the Introduction to Formidable, to create an entry in the list of courses.

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