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What is Formidable and how to use it? How can  you  create a form with this tool? In short, it is a form generator, is it familiar to you? Watch it on our  official website there you will be able to find many resources and guides.
It maybe has  perhaps happened to you  that you need to implement any business logic and you need it fast; and that´s where form  generators like Formidable comes in action.
It is a freemium plugins that gives  us in its free way the basic functionalities to leave us with the desire to go further to  the premium part, however pretty good things may be accomplished, it has a Form Editor where we may drag components. Please click here in order to see the list of its functions and prices also the list of AddOns that may be added
Please see below some screenshots but let´s take a practical example. We will create a list of classes.

The first thing is to install the plugins from the WordPress repository here you get the free version which has some limitations.

Activate it and access the area’s formidable to create the first form. Please see below the menu space.
It is to create form.
Let’s start the form. We can add a text field and one paragraph. The types of fields that are blocked are those of the paid version, which give us advantages such as having created another list of pupils and having connected students and classes. I show them in another post. There is also the “Design” tab which allows us to add the css pre-defined to the fields within its options, it is useful so as to enable us two fields in the same row. Here it is important to have the space that says “Key of the form” as we will identify it with jQuery since with php we will do so by its ID.
See below how the field options look. The important thing here is the key of the field and the ID as they are the unique identifiers which we can manage the field from jQuery and PHP later .
Now we are able to create it, and we go over to the configuration tab. Where we can define actions to be carried out each time that you insert an entry, customize the html of each field and modify the general behavior. The “Customize” tab allows us to insert fields in the spaces where is enabled and in the content of the actions.
Here there is an action by default which is to send a notification which we can customize by using the short codes from formidable.
9 10
There is the feeback choice in the tabs which are the entries made to the form which is now blank.
We already have the form, now we have to see how it can be used. Let’s create an entry and insert the form, we will use a widget available in formidable to us that generates the short codes.
And as a security measure I’m going to put a captcha. For that I return to the form editor in the tabs above where it puts “Building” and we add the captcha control that we have to configure it as it implies we. Keep to not lose them changes and when us again to load you give in “set up”.
When leads to options went down a little to see of the reCaptcha, giving to the link free reCAPTCHA key sends us to a page where you can acquire necessary information will start to operate. Fill in the information, save and ready we can go and see the result.
Create Class
And as always we have messages everywhere reminding us that we should move to the premium version which has many improvements, and I will show them is in a post.

Here I conclude this first post. If you need any help don’t hesitate to write to me, and leave a comment that helps me.
Best regards!