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Hi, i will show you how to add a dropdown with users in a Formidable form.
Let’s start with a practical example. I build an internal message system.


  • Send a message to specific user.
  • Show the messages in a dynamic view.
  • Filter the list view.


  • Setting a dynamic view.
  • Apply a filter to a list.

Let’s do it, create the main form!

Create a new form, then add the fields. For this example i add a Single Line Text for Subject, a Rich Text to the Message and User List for the Target.
Now go to the user list field and select the rol where you want to show the users.
When you save the form, you need to set  the redirection url to the page where you show the messages list.
Remember to insert the form into a page to be available to the users. If you have problem with this step read more in the next link. Formidable documentation.

Filter form

I start with the form to filter the list of messages.
Create a new form and add only the User List field.
Now go to the form setting and change the redirection url to the page where the messages is published and attach to that url the parameter of the field. See the next image.

View Messages

This need to be a dynamic view to show the list and the details of each element.
Now you need to insert the code into the view, remember to insert the filter form into the view
view-code view-code-details
Also you need to set in the Advance Setting of the view a new filter to grab the target from the url parameters.
The final step is to insert the view inside a page and i add a link to the create message page.