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With today’s advancement in technology and computers, proposing, submitting data and sharing information has become simple with the diversity of software programs that are available to us that simplify the process of completing and supplying forms to expand your business. Even though transferring data is an inconvenience for most, it but has become a frequent requirement in organizations. Servers go out-of-date, suppliers become inconsistent, and diskettes run out of space.
What additional features this add-on provides
This is where MySQL action add-on is needed. One of the greatest user-friendly plug-ins that you can apply to formidable is MySQL action. The MySQL action is an add-on that you can plug into formidable to add more features that allow you to distribute data forms to an individual table into MySQL. With MySQL database transferring, you have multiple options to complete and achieve your objective. For this add-on to function to its full capacity, the user needs to have full knowledge of what MySQL represents.
What is MySQL?
MySQL is a form of a storage system that creates and controls databases. It offers computer programmers and users with a system that can generate, recover, update and manage data. It is one of the most acceptable SQL database management systems that is was created, delivered and supported by Oracle Corporation. A database is a systematized set of data of information in a corporate net. To be able to add, enter, and process data that has been put in storage you require a database management system like MySQL. MySQL server is also interactive and keeps data in separate tables instead of gathering them in one big storage room. They are then put in order into physical files and adjusted for the speed. MySQL offers flexibility with databases, tables, columns, and rows and it allows you to set up the rules to manage relationships with different data subjects. The rules are enforced so that your product does not reproduce, stray, shift, outdated, or have missing data.
MySQL action add-on provides several features that provide more flexibility and more alternatives to export your data entries to MySQL. Some of these additional features include the following.
MySQL action add-on additional features

  • Copy entries to a single MySQL table .
  • External server connection.
  • Validation.
  • Integrated with Formidable as an action where you can get the advantage of the conditional and trigger.
  • Updates.
  • Localization ready.
  • Multi Site ready.
  • Support all MySQl types.
  • Custom column name, default value, length, precision and if is nullable or not.
  • Select only the field you want to create in the MySql table.
  • Overview of all create tables with his data.